By comparing our knowledge of the current South African small business environment, NAPE GROUP can equip you, the Client, with a comprehensive roadmap which identifies potential challenges within your company while planning and focusing on a comprehensive, long term strategy while reducing risk and engineering adaptive solutions for your future.

For business owners this means a huge reduction in time-consuming admin and an increase in profitability, free time and delighted customers.

NAPE GROUP is a collective body of qualified Specialists, Attorneys and Advocates with vast experience in Labour litigation and administrative duties.  An example of this is the huge problem that exists when the Employers need to prepare before they appear at arbitrations and/or court proceedings. This preparation not only demands a lot of time and effort but also requires special in-depth attention to ensure that all the basics and critical information are attended to. 

Due to the demanding administrative responsibilities and our mission to assist the Employer as efficient possible, we have expanded our organization to include the following companies:

  • Nape HR & IR Outsourcing cc – 2002/067219/23
  • Nape Labour Law Practitioners cc – 1997/050520/23
  • Nape Safety & Health Consultants cc – 2003/077685/23
  • Nape Staffing Solutions cc – 1990/019039/23
  • Nape Bookkeeping & Payroll Services – 2000/040716/23
  • Nape Polygraph & Investigation Services – 1996/002318/23
  • Nape Debt Collecting Services (Pty) Ltd – 2013/118489/07

Summary of our Services:

  • Daily advice on Industrial Relations, Human Resources, Labour Law and Labour related issues like disciplinary and appeal hearings, counselling sessions, retrenchments, contracts and in-house procedures as well as the preparation of all legal documents and bundles concerning all mentioned matters.
  • The legal assistance on matters affecting the relationship between the Employers and their Employees and/or Trade Unions (i.e strike attendances, settlement negotiations & wage negotiations).
  • NAPE is not an accredited verification company but will assist to ensure that the BBBEE (Broad Based Black Empowerment Equity) strategy is as envisaged in the BBBEE Act.
  • Health and Safety consulting; developing & maintaining a policy, advice and support on obligations according to the OHSACT.
  • Supply of temporary staff; assisting our clients and temporary employees to achieve maximum value in their industry.
  • The ability to provide the Employer with a professional, all-inclusive payroll as well as a detailed accounting service.
  • Employment Equity Plans
  • Assisting the Employer to evaluate suspicions within his company with vigorous fraud and theft investigations and testing.
  • Our Labour Broking Services assumes responsibility for ensuring that all aspects of the Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act and or any collective agreement are adhered to.
  • Pro-active debt collecting; instalment and settlement negotiation done on the Client’s behalf.


  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
  • Employment Equity Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Disciplinary Codes and Procedures
  • General Machinery Regulations Schedule C+D